Ultrasonic measurement


Ultrasonic measurement

Ultrasonic testing / material thickness measurement

These processes are used for steel hulls in sail and motor yachts for application and are an important parameter in determining the value of a boat and also a significant factor for safety on board. Corrosion affects the material strength and associated components can lose their function.

E/M/S experts perform a non-destructive material test of the underwater hull during an ultrasonic measurement of steel hulls. Prior to this, a visual inspection of the hull is carried out by the E/M/S expert.

With a special ultrasonic testing device an examination of homogeneous materials (steel without protective coating) is possible with a material thickness from 1 to 250 mm. For steel hulls with protective coating from 2.5 to 20 mm. In most cases, removal of the protective coating is not necessary for material thickness measurement.

The test is performed on land. The results of the test are documented in the E/M/S test certificate.