Boat and yacht surveys by E/M/S

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Condition survey, value survey, purchase survey, purchase assistance, sales survey, damage survey etc., or the basis of many yacht surveys, the E/M/S Boat-Check.

Boat and yacht surveys are always a wise decision

Whoever buys or sells a boat or a yacht is always well advised to commission a boat or yacht survey. This creates transparency, clarity and great trust between the contracting parties.

Boat and yacht purchases, always emotional

In most cases, it’s a bigger investment. You don’t like to buy a pig in a poke! And there are always emotions associated with a boat or a yacht purchase. This is usually not a rational decision.

Basic information on yacht surveys

E/M/S has developed a universal approach for yacht surveys, which is applied to many yacht surveys, such as condition survey, value, purchase survey, sales survey, purchase assistance, estate survey, document survey etc.

On closer inspection, these yacht surveys are all based on the same principles. 

With each of these surveys, the condition and the document situation must always be examined in order to document a reliable judgment. The assessment of the market value then results logically with the help of the E/M/S algorithm.

These three elements are therefore the basis for many types of surveys and are referred to by us as E/M/S Boat-Check.

  • Condition assessment
  • Document check
  • Taxation market value

Variants of the individual yacht surveys

Of course, each of these yacht surveys has a special characteristic depending on the customer’s request, which is then addressed in particular, such as a sales survey for one of our customers.

Optional yacht surveys

In addition to these variants of yacht surveys, there are optional surveys. These are surveys that are carried out in addition to the individual variants, depending on the type of yacht. For example, for a sailing yacht this would be a rig check and for a motor yacht this would be an engine survey.

Specific surveys

These yacht surveys are not based on the E/M/S Boat-Check, but serve a very specific purpose and are structured in the same way as damage surveys, Swiss Certificate of Seaworthiness, CE certification or PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection).

Surveyors/experts, expertise, independence, experience

It is all the more important that the boat/yacht survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor/expert! Only he combines the necessary distance, independence, expertise and experience in carrying out a boat/yacht survey.

Boots- und Yachtgutachten
Boots- und Yachtgutachten

Boat/Yacht survey on site, a MUST!

A surveyor/expert with the above qualifications will always appraise a boat/yacht on site. Only what he sees with his own eyes and hears with his own ears counts. He will proceed in a structured manner and inspect the boat/yacht point by point, meticulously documenting every detail and clearly pointing out deficiencies.

Where can I find qualified surveyors/experts?

The choice is large and in the age of the Internet everyone looks exactly there, or for example the seller recommends someone, which is not uncommon.
In this case, however, skepticism is advisable. How close is the cooperation between the seller and the surveyor/expert? Is the necessary independence really guaranteed here, etc.?

Where is the berth of the boat/yacht?

Then there is the question, where is the berth of the boat/yacht? In many cases, the boat/yacht is not in the vicinity of the buyer’s or the surveyor’s/valuator’s domicile and often in other European countries. This shows that it is not really easy to find a qualified surveyor/expert for the potential purchase of a boat.

Are daily rates and other costs always transparent for surveyors/experts?

No, there is usually no cost transparency before completion of the expert opinion. As a rule, each surveyor/expert has his or her daily rate. The various travel expenses, accommodation costs and other expenses are then added to the invoice. Finally, you rub your eyes and grudgingly pay the bill.

E/M/S only works with fixed costs, which are communicated to the customer BEFORE the order starts! E/M/S – customers experience no surprises when it comes to costs.

Good reasons for an E/M/S boat/yacht survey

Having said all that, E/M/S comes into play! We understand the motivations, difficulties and concerns of people who want to have a survey done and have mapped these into our business model.  Our processes are tailor-made for customers who want to have a boat/yacht survey done by a qualified surveyor/expert at a fair price, no matter where in Europe.

Whether on Rügen, in Rostock, Gdansk, Bordeaux, Nice Barcelona, Malaga, Porto, Greece, Cyprus etc., E/M/S has its certified surveyors all over Europe for its customers. We don’t beat around the bush, we just do it.

Boots- und Yachtgutachten