CE – Certification


CE – Certification
and CE – Post-Certification

E/M/S advises and supports customers on the subject of CE certification and CE post-certification. If you have any questions, just give us a call!

What is the purpose of CE certification?

With the CE certification, the manufacturer declares that his product meets the requirements of the European Community and that the product may be traded across borders.

The basis is the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC of 1998 for vessels operating in the European Economic Area. This directive applies to both new boats and used boats with a length of 2.50 meters to 24 meters.

The aim of this directive is the standardisation of construction and equipment regulations.

Who is authorised to carry out the CE certification?

It is carried out either by the manufacturer or by a partner authorised in the EU.

How can I tell if the boat is CE certified?

First of all, a CE certificate is issued (declaration of conformity) and in addition, the so-called CE sticker is affixed to the boat so that it is clearly visible. The sticker gives information about the seaworthiness and distinguishes 4 categories, from A-D.

What happens to boats built outside the EU?

For these boats, the manufacturer declares by means of a declaration of conformity that his product complies with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive.

What about boats built before 1998?

If the boat was built before 16.06.1998 and was also put into operation in the EU before this date, the obligation of the CE sticker does not apply.

What about boats that do not comply with the EU standard?

For these boats there is the possibility of post-certification (PCC, Post Construction Certificate).
In the field of post-certification, E/M/S cooperates with relevant bodies such as the IMCI (International Marine Certification Institute) based in Brussels/Belgium, as well as other specialised institutions.

The following topics are in the foreground:

  • noise emission
  • exhaust emission
  • seaworthiness