E/M/S Boat-Check – the classic

E/M/S BoatCheck

Boat-Check – the classic

Arguments for an E/M/S boat/yacht survey

Here are the decisive arguments for an E/M/S boat/yacht survey:

Unique, Europe-wide network with over 120 certified surveyors.

  • No matter where your boat/yacht is located, our surveyor is already on site, or not far away.
  • Easy to understand, clearly structured inspection certificates
  • E/M/S inspection certificates are recognized by leading banks, insurance companies, etc. throughout Europe.
  • All E/M/S boat/yacht surveys and other services at a fixed price.
  • No hidden additional costs.
  • Uncomplicated procedures, fast processing

Prices of a survey

Our fixed prices are graduated up to 50 feet after three boat/yacht lengths. Boats/yachts over 50 feet are charged pro rata! Optional and other surveys are also offered at a fixed price.


The customer defines the requirement. Afterwards he receives an offer. After the customer agrees, the inspection date is coordinated, then the customer receives an order confirmation together with other formalities with the request to send us all available boat documents and to inform the seller. E/M/S will then take care of the rest. After the boat/yacht has been inspected, the inspection certificate is sent to the customer approx. 3-5 days later.

E/M/S Boat-Check – the basis of many yacht surveys

The most widely used form of all boat/yacht surveys is the E/M/S Boat-Check, and for good reason. This variant combines three elements:

  • Condition survey
  • Document check (boat paper check, BPC)
  • Appraisal market value

Based on 5 inspection categories and 120 inspection points, each boat/yacht is examined meticulously and in a structured manner in order to be able to objectively assess its condition. A special inspection catalog supports our appraisers/experts in this process. The boat documents are checked for completeness and plausibility by specialists in our office in Palma.

With the BPC(Boat-Paper-Check) we have meanwhile gained the reputation of the number 1 in this field throughout Europe. In dubious cases we cooperate with the best lawyers in this field. Depending on the result of the condition assessment and the examination of the boat documents, the market value is assessed. E/M/S has additionally developed an algorithm with mathematicians and statisticians that leads to realistic market values.

Order form for the E/M/S 1st Boat-Check.

The E/M/S Boat-Check offers a reliable way for the initial assessment of a boat or yacht for sale.