Sea Trial


Sea Trial

E/M/S offers Sea Trials for its customers, which are performed by experienced E/M/S yacht surveyors.

E/M/S offers its customers sea trials for both motorboats and sailboats, which are carried out by experienced E/M/S yacht surveyors.

What is the purpose of a Sea Trial?

The purpose of a sea trial is to test the seaworthiness of a boat.
E/M/S experts and E/M/S yacht surveyors use the sea trial to check the boat’s handling of the boat and to carry out various function tests and measurements.
A clearly structured test sheet supports them in the execution of the sea trial.

Is there a different focus for powerboats and sailboats?

Yes, for sailboats the E/M/S – expert/assessor concentrates more on the cloths, sails and rigging, for powerboats more on the engine and propulsion.

Is a sea trial standard when buying a boat?

Unfortunately no! The reasons for this are very different.
E/M/S recommends to all customers before buying a boat, in addition to a yacht survey, to also undertake a sea trial, as this is a good opportunity to test the boat under real conditions with different manoeuvres.

E/M/S offers Sea-Trials at a fixed price, without hidden additional costs.