Seaworthiness Tests


Seaworthiness Tests Switzerland

Experienced E/M/S surveyors assist clients in obtaining the seaworthiness test for yachts purchased outside Switzerland and wishing to sail under the Swiss flag.

Minimum requirements for expertises for the seaworthiness test in Switzerland:

The expert report for a yacht to be registered in the Swiss Yacht Register must contain the following information:

  1. name and professional qualifications of the expert (e.g. naval architect, surveyor of a classification society or an insurance company, inspector of a shipping authority).
  2. general information about the survey of the yacht (place and date, in water or on dry land, participants).
  3. general description of the yacht (type, shipyard, year of construction, shell/hull number, construction material, length, beam, draft, displacement, sail area, engine type, number and power, fuel, registration in the country of construction, if any).
  4. technical description of the yacht (hull, rigging, sails, deck equipment, anchoring equipment, engine, navigation instruments, electrical equipment, gas equipment, steering, bilge equipment, seacocks, tanks, interior fittings, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.).
  5. report on the condition of the yacht at the time of the survey and list of any defects.
  6. equipment of the yacht (completeness, condition of general and marine emergency equipment).
  7. declaration of the expert that the yacht in its present condition is suitable for ocean voyages without reservations (if the vessel would not be fully seaworthy, mention of the restriction: e.g. coastal voyage with indication of the maximum distance to the coast in miles).
  8. liability insurance (the expert must have liability insurance; the SSA may request a copy of the policy).
  9. date of issue of the expert report. Signature of the expert and, if available, company stamp.