Damage Survey


Damage survey

Yacht surveyors / yacht experts assess the damage incurred in a practical manner

Due to many years of practical experience of our surveyors/experts in the field of damage repair, it is possible for our yacht surveyors/experts to assess and evaluate the damage caused in a practical way.

E/M/S has surveyors in many countries who are admitted to court.

Causes of damage can be the following:

  • Collision
  • Grounding
  • stranding
  • sinking
  • mast breakage
  • lightning strike
  • fire
  • engine damage
  • Material and construction defects
  • average
  • etc.

The contents of damage appraisals are, besides the determination of the exact cause of damage, the calculation for the repair of the damage and the assessment of the market price.

E/M/S damage assessments are clearly structured, comprehensible and recognised by all insurance companies and other parties involved in the case of damage.

E/M/S damage appraisals are billed at a previously agreed fixed price – without hidden additional costs.

After the damage has been repaired, we will inspect the correct execution of the damage repair, including functional tests, if required.