Rigg Survey


Rigg survey

We inspect the rigging of the sailboat or sailing yacht.

E/M/S offers as a selectable option a more detailed inspection of the rig and the standing rigging. Documented with detailed photos, you will receive an additional report to your E/M/S survey.

Our experts do not only follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the visual inspection of the rig, but also the recommendations of yacht insurance companies. Meter by meter, the mast is examined to see if signs of wear and fatigue can be detected. Equally precise is the examination and evaluation of whether the standing rigging such as shrouds, stays and suspensions should be replaced or whether they are still in good condition.

Optional from 500,00 € *, but please ask for price before.

As a standard we recommend a rig check for

privately used sailboats and sailing yachts that

  • have not been used for a long time
  • were on a long trip
  • are older than 10 years

commercially used sailboats and sailing yachts, which

  • show an experienced high utilisation
  • were chartered in strong wind areas
  • are older than 5 years

Findings of our expert on site can also give reason for a recommendation for a rig check in the context of the E/M/S survey.

* Prices are exclusive of statutory value added tax