Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)


Pre Delivery Inspection(PDI)

The Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) is the delivery inspection of a new boat.

What is a PDI / Aim and content

The delivery inspection of a new boat takes place before the boat is accepted by the manufacturer or dealer. It involves a meticulous pre-purchase inspection with the aim of determining whether the boat has been completed in accordance with all the specifications agreed upon at the time of ordering and whether all technical aggregates and other elements are in working order.

In order to eliminate all detected defects, which always occur when buying a new boat, it is advisable to have a detailed inspection carried out by an experienced surveyor before delivery. This inspection is performed after the boat has been commissioned by the manufacturer/dealer and when they feel the boat is ready for delivery.

The boat will undergo a thorough inspection to verify the quality of the boats built and to ensure that all operating systems and other items are functioning as they should.

PDI / Process and procedure

Generally, this thorough and comprehensive inspection is performed in two phases

  1. Initial inspection. This is completed once the shipyard has confirmed “production ready” and the surveyor can perform a full review of construction specifications, a full interior/exterior cosmetic finish inspection, an extended sea trial (Sea Trial) and full systems testing. From this review, a complete list of deficiencies, observations, and/or nonconformities will be generated and reviewed with the final completion team. All deficiencies pointed out must be completed prior to formal handover and delivery. The larger the boat/yacht, the more extensive and time consuming the inspection will be. For a yacht of e.g. 25 meters in length, approximately 2 days are estimated for this, including the preparation of a detailed inspection report with a list of defects.
  1. Second inspection. This is carried out as soon as the shipyard has confirmed that the reported defects have been eliminated. This is followed by another inspection of the vessel, which includes preparations for shipment (packing down), testing of outer covers and cushions, inspection of all loose parts (as per specification and standard shipping kit) and acceptance of the agreed work. All outstanding items will be agreed upon or submitted to warranty prior to shipment for completion. An additional day will be estimated for this process provided there are no major issues.