E/M/S Boat-Check in South of France

The E/M/S Boat-Check in the South of France, this time with a sea trial, was about a 20 year old Amel Super Maramu 2000. The boat was still in dry dock at the start of our check, so we could also check the underwater hull in detail. After that, the yacht was launched and the further inspections were carried out, including a sea trial.

Since we had a designated specialist for Amel yachts on site, our customer was already very excited about the result of the E/M/S inspection certificate.

What can I say, the condition of the yacht was extraordinarily good despite her great age! Even our on-site specialist was amazed. All the more excited our specialists for the document inspection in Palma got to work. But also here there was nothing essential to complain about.

Only with the documents *”Francisation” and *”Identification Navire” there was a slight need for clarification.” According to the E/M/S valuation formula, which uses several factors to arrive at a realistic market value, even the asking price was right. So they still exist, the good purchases of a yacht, even if it is getting on in years.

Our customer was more than satisfied with the result of the E/M/S inspection certificate, because he had a confirmation in black and white that his money was well spent.

*For those who are not familiar with the terms and are curious, please feel free to contact us for further explanations.

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